Patient with hip pain from a car accident

Hip Pain after a Car Accident

There has been an increase in automobile technology meant to reduce fatality rates in car accidents. However, there is currently no technology to stop people from getting injuries such as lower extremity injuries that occur in car accidents.

St Louis Bus Accident Lawyer

What to Do After a Bus Accident

You should never settle for less if you or a family member is injured in a bus collision. One reason why you should fight for your rights is the huge medical bills that you will have to handle because of the injuries from the accident.

Woman who needs a neck injury lawyer in St. Louis

Neck Injuries from a Car Accident

Neck injuries in auto accidents often occur when a motorist is struck by another car from behind. Since these types of injuries can occur even in minor auto accidents, neck injuries are the most likely injuries to result from a car accident.

Arm Pain Chart after Auto Accident

Arm Pain After a Car Accident

After an accident you should always see a doctor even if you just got a minor bruise. Even a slight cut or neck sprain can indicate a serious condition that may start showing symptoms days or even weeks after an accident.