Broken Glass injuries after car accident

Broken Glass Injuries In A Car Crash

Broken glass flying off of broken windows and wing mirrors after an impact can inflict serious injuries on car occupants and even bystanders. If a car occupant is not wearing a seat belt, they can be flung right through the windshield. This can happen even in a situation where the two vehicles collide in slow speed.

Even shatterproof windshields can break in certain accidents. You need to hire an experienced car accident attorney to help pursue a claim against the party that caused your broken glass injuries.

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Common Broken Glass Injuries

The force generated when two vehicles collide is immense regardless of the speed of the vehicles involved. That impact is enough to shatter the windshield, rear and side mirrors. Injuries vehicle occupants suffer in such situations can vary from minor to extremely severe. Some of these injuries include:

  • Surface level wounds on the skin: Here the glass does not penetrate deep into the body but only affects the skin. Such injuries need cleaning and sometimes they have to be stitched for them to recover.
  • Deep-level cuts: These are cuts that penetrate right through the skin into the muscle fibers. They may even reach the bone. Victims may need to undergo surgery and there might be permanent disfigurement when the wound heals.
  • Severed limbs: In some rare incidences the flying glass can sever arms or legs of the accident victim. Sometimes the glass severs an artery and that forces doctors to amputate the limb.
  • Death: If the glass goes right through the skin and strikes a major artery, the victim could end up bleeding to death.
  • Extreme shock: In cases where a limb is severed or where there is profuse bleeding, the victim may undergo psychological trauma, which can turn into shock. If the shock is not treated immediately, it can become fatal.

Broken glass injuries can force you to spend a fortune on treatment or surgery. It can negatively affect the quality of your life because of the disfigurement, scarring, or recurring pain. The accident may also make it hard or even impossible to go back to your old job. So if you were injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you should sue for compensation.

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Contact An Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

Broken glass injuries can still affect your life in the long-term even after they have healed. You can file a broken glass injury claim that can help cover medical expenses in the present and in the future. The lawsuit can also help hold the at-fault driver accountable for damage to your car and to your psychological health. Just know that there is a statute of limitation that determines the appropriate time when you can file a personal injury claim if you were injured in a car accident.

If you wait too long to file, it could make it difficult for you to get the compensation amount you deserve. So contact a car accident attorney as soon as you can after the accident. An experienced car accident attorney will review your case, asses the merits of your claim, and even help you estimate the settlement amount you may be entitled to.