Patient suffers hip pain after car accident

Hip Pain After Car Accident

There has been an increase in automobile technology meant to reduce fatality rates in car accidents. However, there is currently no technology to stop people from getting injuries such as lower extremity injuries that occur in car accidents.

Front seat occupants that are involved in car accidents are more likely to get lower extremity injuries in head-on collision accidents. These include trauma to the hip region, knees and thigh. Hip injuries in head-on collisions can be minor or serious depending on the accident. You need to talk to an experienced car accident lawyer if you incur a hip injury in a car accident caused by a negligent driver.

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You may be experiencing hip pain after an accident because of the following injury:

Sprains or Strains

Hip sprains and strains normally affect ligaments or muscle and must be treated to allow the injured person regain their range of motion. You may have sprain or strain injury if you experience swelling, pain, inflammation, and decreased range of motion.

Hip Fracture

This can either be a fracture femur or pelvic acetabulum. Sometimes both parts can get fractures after a forceful impact in a car accident.

Dislocated Hip

Hip dislocation happens when a person’s knee is slammed into the dashboard in a head-on collision. These injuries involve the femur being forced out of its socket in the hip bone or pelvis.

Treatment For Hip Injuries

For strains or sprains, treatment can include physical therapy, steroid medications, activity modification and anti-inflammatory medications. In most cases, these kinds of injuries can heal within 2-6 weeks. They are much easier to treat compared to hip fractures. Such fractures are often repaired using metal plates, metal pins, or in some cases a full hip replacement. That means that a surgery has to be done as soon as possible to help restore blood circulation to the femoral neck.

If the fracture is on the pelvic acetabulum, may in some cases lead to it being replaced by an artificial socket. Surgery, medication and therapy needed to treat such injuries can bankrupt the injured person. You should contact a lawyer to help you seek compensation to treat injuries related to that accident.

Hip Pain Car Accident Lawyer

Liability For Hip Injury After Car Accident

The first thing you need to do before filing a lawsuit is to find out who was responsible for the accident that resulted in your injury. If you were injured directly because of someone else’s negligent behavior, then you are entitled to sue that person for compensation. For instance, someone can cause an accident by violating traffic law, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or distracted driving. You may recover compensation in the following forms:

  • Medical expenses for your hip injuries and pain
  • Future medical expenses for medical procedures and other medical needs
  • Loss of the ability to earn a living that is related to that hip injury
  • Lost wages related to the injury from that accident

If the at-fault party’s insurance company offers you a quick settlement, do not agree to it unless your lawyer has seen and reviewed what they are offering.