Pinched Nerve due to a car accident

Pinched Nerve Due to a Car Accident

When body tissue like bones, tendons or muscle applies too much pressure on a nerve that situation is referred to as a pinched nerve. You can experience a pinched nerve on any part of your body but it mostly affects the back and the neck. The reason for this is that in car accident cases pinched nerves often result from a herniated disk in the back or neck. Our auto accident injury attorneys have seen a ton of these cases.

The first sign that you may have a pinched nerve is the excruciating pain you feel in the affected body part. If you develop a pinched nerve, because of an accident that was caused by a negligent party then you may be entitled for compensation. A successful personal injury claim can cover all medical expenses in the presented and future, and also pay for lost income.

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Common Symptoms Of Pinched Nerves

The signs and symptoms of a pinched nerve include:

  • Tingling in your limbs
  • Numbness in the area around the pinched nerve
  • Sharp pain

These are just the signs and symptoms but the effects of the pinched nerve can go beyond those symptoms. For instance, it can cause a limb to be paralysed because messages cannot reach the brain. It may also affect different body organs responsible for important bodily functions such as the heart, lungs and digestive system. For this reason, the accident victim may be forced to stay away from work, which negatively affects their income or finances.

Types Of Treatment For A Pinched Nerve

Before you get any treatment, there are a number of tests that need to be done. There is the Nerve conduction study where a specialist places electrodes on your skin. These electrodes measure electrical nerve impulses and the functioning of your nerves and muscles. Another test is electromyography where a doctor inserts a needle in your muscles to evaluate electrical activity in them. They may also perform an MRI to ascertain if herniated discs are responsible for your pinched nerve.

In most cases, the doctors recommend physical therapy before any other treatment. They may also offer medication for pain relief as their injury heals. But sometimes a surgery is the only way to help relieve the pain and treat the condition. Surgery is often the final option after physical therapy and medication.

Damages For a Pinched Nerve

Since a pinched nerve can be so severe that it significantly affects your quality of life and your finances, you may be entitled for certain damages. This is especially in situations where the at-fault driver was reckless or highly negligent, and that that behaviour is what caused the accident. In fact, if reckless driver was involved you may be entitled to punitive damages. Other damages include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost earnings in the present and future
  • Future medical costs/li>
  • Pain and suffering

The at-fault driver’s insurer may want substantial proof that the pinched nerve was a result of the accident before they compensate you. They may even try to deny that your injury was not related to the accident. An experience car accident lawyer can negotiate aggressively with the insurer to substantiate your claim.

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